Ben Trupperbaumer was born in West German and moved to Australia in 1976.

Ben expresses a great awareness in his work of the tropical environment. His sculptures explore contemporary ecological issues, in particular the tension between fragility and strength, symmetry and disorder, balance and chaos.

He uses recycled timber to make statements about the influence of man on the Australian landscape. Bronze and timber are used separately or in combination for those which seek to tell of the essence of nature on a more domestic scale.


The core conceptual aspects of my work are firmly grounded in my impressions of the uniquely Australian natural environment.

While a range of sensory impressions are very important to the Development of these concepts, undoubtedly, for me, Visual impressions are the strongest.

However, shapes and forms do not stand alone.  Rather, they are part and product of a much broader sphere of impressions.  In addition, the complex and dynamic nature of the natural environment is of interest to me, in particular, the tensions between fragility and strength, symmetry and disorder, the free flowing and the geometric, balance and chaos.

The challenge for me as an artist has been to distil these impressions/tensions and reconstruct them into sculptural forms that embody the essence of my impressions while at the same time emphasising the essentials. 

Ben Trupperbäumer is one of Queensland’s leading sculptors who creates beautiful organic sculptural forms from timber and bronze.