MARZIK, Claudine

Born 1957 Basel Switzerland, Immigrated to Australia 1988

Claudine Marzik’s self training borrows much from the work of the 1950s when abstraction allowed the artist to distil forms to their basic essence. Abstraction is part of a universal art of the twentieth century that sought a balanced fusion of colour and form. Her further inclination is toward Minimalism, paring back many original coats of colour and line and gesture to find an essence or to distil a thing of oneness.

In her recent exhibition “Far North”, Claudine captures the quintessence of so much that is innately Australian. Prolonged periods of engagement with natural areas of far north Queensland and sustained observation of the climatic effects upon them have bred a familiarity culminating in her unique pictorial visions.

There is a raw energy in the application of paint revealing luscious surfaces directly applied by brush or pallet knife. Her highly animated and textured canvasses are built up with many layers of paint; often these are scratched, sanded, washed and/or burnished to create a deep reflection on her subject matter.