I am a South Australian visual artist working with a range of traditional and digital processes...

including printmaking, encaustic and oil painting, pokerwork on wooden panels, artist books, on-glaze porcelain, and small scale bronze casting.

In my current work I incorporate a cast of creatures and plants, which have become part of my visual language, to create various scenarios. The upside-down nature of some images reflects the upside-down nature of life. My characters live in a world where nothing is certain.

South Australian artist Dianne Longley is widely recognised as a highly skilled printmaker, and is renowned for the production of superb artist’s books. 

Dianne has been fascinated for some time by the history of the print medium. The mid-fifteenth century European invention of the printing press, and the subsequent explosion of the printed word and symbolic image, forms an interesting analogy with today’s information technology revolution.

Researching historical symbols, Dianne has subtly subverted the traditional structures by using personal narratives and created her own language of symbols.  Celebrating the interface between traditional printing techniques and computer technology, the artist utilises both in her own hybrid form of art production.