Artist Statement

My images are a contemplation on pollinisers, pollinators and pollination an exacting process that is fundamental to the world’s food source but usually goes unnoticed, quietly working away in the background of our daily lives.

When moths, butterflies, bees and others visit to harvest their essence there is a choreography that nature has performed throughout history. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the pollinators, who take it home in the form of scent and taste.

I approach my images without plan but as an exploration, letting the images grow upon themselves, they build like memories. I started to carve linocuts of flowers and observed and imagined pollinators from my garden and others gardens for around 5 years adding these blocks to my extensive alphabet of lino blocks. I have also expanded my studies to well known flowers of the past from images in the public domain adding history to my body of blocks creating a universal garden at my finger tips.

The process of carving allows me to concentrate on the object of study itself, letting me concentrate on that particular flower, moth or imagined pollinator while printing allows me to dream on the elusive elements, the colour, music, the life and death of the flower, the memories of when and where and which have been pollinated. 

I hope the images illuminate memories of flowers planted, plucked, gathered along with the imagined music and dance of the elements of the significant process of pollination.